Let's Get Christmas All Wrapped Up

We've released a collection of new Christmas wax seal stamps to make your holiday season one-of-a-kind. 

You'll undoubtedly send a bunch of Christmas cards this season and you'll hopefully receive just as many back. A wax seal is the perfect way to express your creative side while showing your recipient that they're not just another name on your Christmas card list. Best of all, our flexible wax is perfect for the postal service - it won't break or snap off in sorting machines, unlike traditional wax.

Use a Christmas wax seal stamp from Kustom Haus to decorate your holiday greeting cards and gift wrapping.

Our favourite way of expressing Christmas creativity is with gift wrapping. There's no reason why you have to stop at paper and tape. Use a ribbon or string and seal over your ties and make the outside of your gift as awesome as what's on the inside. You can add embellishments to your wrap, like dried flowers, gift tags or notes - secured with your Christmas wax seal.