Surebonder Glue Gun for Sealing Wax

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  • Surebonder Glue Gun for Sealing Wax
  • Surebonder Glue Gun for Sealing Wax

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Get the right sealing wax consistency every time with a Surebonder glue gun. Seal a single envelope or get a wax seal production line going with minimal mess and perfect temperature.

On the low temperature setting both models give a consistent flow of sealing wax and will help you avoid annoying overheating, bubbles and wastage. These epic guns have been tested by the Kustom Haus team and work dispense our 12mm Flexible Sealing Wax Sticks flawlessly with minimum mess to create the perfect wax seal. 

Each model has a dual-temperature switch, safety fuse and side fins that allow you to place the gun on its side without the danger of back flow. The Surebonder PLUS, with it’s removable stand, is great for ongoing use but if you need something more robust and professional or for larger projects (with more features like faster heat-up, auto shut-off and a power indicator) you’ll love the Surebonder ULTRA. For something a little lower-end or occasional use try the Jasart Glue Gun.

Tip: Dedicate your gun to sealing wax only to avoid getting hot glue in your wax seals! Need more tips? Check our how-to guide.

  • Australian/New Zealand standard plug
  • Lower temperature setting for perfect wax consistency
  • Great for ongoing use and larger projects
  • Insulated nozzle cover

PLUS DT-270F additional features:

  • Removable plastic base stand, side fins, safety fuse
  • 40 Watts 

ULTRA DT-360F additional features:

  • Power indicator light and 30 min auto shut-off
  • Ergonomic, rubber coated trigger and handle design
  • Removable flip-up metal stand, side fins, safety fuse 
  • 60 Watts for faster heat-up

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