The Right Glue Gun for the Job

Our Guide to the Right Glue Gun For The Job

The easiest way to melt Sealing Wax is with a Low-Temperature Glue Gun. Check out our guide to choosing the right hot glue gun for the job.

Get Inspired With Delicious Sealing Wax Colours

Yellow Sealing Wax and Lightning Bolt Wax Seal Stamp

We thought we'd put together a lil somethin' to inspire you. There are a few colours that get pushed aside for the classics like Gold, Red and even Black. But there's no reason why you can't get fresh with colour and add a little pop with something you wouldn't usually consider.

Create Truly Personalised Gifts This Christmas

There's something pretty awesome about receiving a gift that nobody else in the world has but you!

Get Tricky. Creative Halloween Wax Seal Stamp Ideas.

Get tricky. Creative Halloween wax seal stamp ideas from Kustom Haus.Here's a bunch of creative ways to make your Halloween awesome using our collection of creepy wax seal stamps.

Showcase: Sarah and Kurt's Wedding Seal

Check out the beautiful custom wax seal Shirleen designed for her best friend's wedding invitations.