Glue Gun for Sealing Wax

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  • Glue Gun for Sealing Wax
  • Glue Gun for Wax  - Kustom Haus - 2

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Whether you're embellishing a single envelope with a wax seal or have a massive production line of invitations to prepare, a Low-Temperature Glue Gun will make dispensing your sealing wax sticks simple and quick.

This gun uses our 12mm Flexible Sealing Wax Sticks in the same way you would use a stick of glue - insert, heat it up and squeeze the trigger!

Need to flush and clean your gun before changing colours or after use? Wax Gun Cleaning Sticks are made of a special blend of clear wax to help keep your gun in a most excellent condition and clear of previous wax colours.

Tip: Dedicate your gun to sealing wax only to avoid getting hot glue in your wax seals! Need more tips? Check our how-to guide.

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